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How to Set Up Aisle Planner for Wedding Planners

June 1, 2024

As a past planner myself, I know firsthand how important it is to find tools that not only make our jobs easier and more efficient, but that also help us deliver an exceptional experience for our clients. And today? I want to talk about how Aisle Planner can help. From a floor plan builder and guest list trackers to timeline templates and budgeting tools, Aisle Planner is a serious game-changer (especially for planners hoping to attract a more luxury clientele!).

In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to set up Aisle Planner in order to get the most out of its features! If Aisle Planner seems like the choice for you, but you would rather have a professional set it up, I would LOVE to help! Contact me to learn more.

Quick note, I’m an affiliate of some of the companies on this page, which means I receive a commission whenever someone makes a purchase using my code or link. This doesn’t cost you anything extra – it often will actually save you money! As an affiliate, I’m able to snag some sweet discounts. I wholeheartedly endorse these brands, and I only recommend products/services that I use in my real life and straight up LOVE. Enjoy!

wedding planner VA discusses how to set up aisleplanner

First, Why Aisle Planner?

Before we dive into the setup, let’s talk about why Aisle Planner is one of my favorite tools for wedding planners. First, Aisle Planner is designed specifically with wedding planners in mind, offering a suite of tools that cater specifically to the needs of our industry. Here’s a quick rundown of what you (and your clients!) will love about it:

  • Floor Plan Builder: Their easy-to-use floor plan tool is easy to use and connects automatically with your guest list (so there’s no need to pay for an additional software tool)
  • Guest List Management: No matter how practical, clients typically don’t love filling in their guest details on an excel spreadsheet. Aisle Planner’s guest list makes is easy to keep track of your guest’s information, their RSVP, and even their meal choice.
  • Customizable Timeline Templates: Aisle Planner’s timeline templates let you put your own spin on things! They start you off with good templates (perfect if you’re new or swamped during a busy season), but when you really get into it, you can add your brand colors, make custom sections, craft timelines for different types of ceremonies (like Jewish or Christian weddings), and even whip up templates for multi-day events (like South Asian weddings). You can really jazz up these templates to use in your clients’ projects down the line!
  • Budgeting Tools: Managing a client’s budget is often one of the most challenging things about being a wedding planner, but Aisle Planner makes it easy to do so efficiently and transparently. Plus, you (and your clients!) will love having everything in one place.

Convinced yet? Now, let’s get into how to set up Aisle Planner for your wedding planning business.

Setting Up Your Aisle Planner Account

Setting up Aisle Planner is straightforward (or maybe that’s me being biased because I’ve done it for so many wedding planners at this point!), but it does take a bit of time. Below, I’m going to guide you through a few of the main things you need to know to ensure you’re maximizing its potential.


The first step in setting up Aisle Planner is configuring your sales process (which let’s be honest – is pretty important!). Here are the main things you’ll want to consider:

  1. Create a Lead Capture Form: The first thing you’ll want to do to streamline your sales process is set up a lead capture form on your website. Aisle Planner allows you to customize this form to match your branding, which makes for a stunning and seamless experience for potential clients from the get-go.
  2. Automate Follow-Ups: Once you have your inquiry form set up, you can use Aisle Planner’s automation features to send follow-up emails to inquiries. This keeps you top of mind and showcases your professionalism (without giving you the chance to get in your head about it!).
  3. Track Leads: With Aisle Planner, you can track leads through your sales pipeline (from inquiry, to proposal sent, to contract, etc), making it easy to see where each potential client is in their decision-making process. Plus, you can customize the steps to match YOUR unique process!

Project Management

Next, once you’ve converted a lead into a client, it’s time to set up project management in Aisle Planner.

  1. Create a New Project: First, you’ll want to set up a new project for each client. This will be the hub for all their wedding planning details.
  2. Customizable Checklists: While setting up each project is manual, this next part can be customized! Use Aisle Planner’s customizable checklists to ensure you never miss a detail (and add in some of your brand voice and special touch points to your checklist too!). I love that you can tailor these checklists to each client’s specific needs (so you can have a different checklist for your full wedding planning and design clients, compared to your day of coordination/event management clients).
  3. Timeline Management: Next, you can create and manage timelines within Aisle Planner. This helps you stay on track and ensures that all vendors and clients are aware of key dates and deadlines. Plus, once you have this set up, you won’t have to start from scratch every time!

RSVP Management

Lastly, I can’t have a blog post about how to set up Aisle Planner without talking about their fantastic new RSVP management feature (that I’m particularly excited about). Say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple accounts on The Knot or Zola, dealing with two-factor authentication, and manually reformatting RSVPs. Now, as you look for how to set up Aisle Planner, you can give your couples the ability to upload RSVPs directly to their wedding website, even if it’s hosted on another platform. These RSVPs then sync directly with the Aisle Planner guest list, much like how a lead form works for new inquiries. What a dream!

wedding planner VA Sophie Robinson talks about how to set up aisleplanner

Branding Everything

Before you set up Aisle Planner, it’s important to know how you’re going to use it. With that said, one of the standout features of Aisle Planner is its ability to keep everything branded to your business. When I’m setting up Aisle Planner for a wedding planner, one of the first things I do is personalize all forms and documents with your logo and brand colors. I also love how Aisle Planner can help keep your branding consistent even in the smaller details like notes and timelines. This not only looks professional but also helps in building a cohesive brand image (which in an aesthetic industry, really matters!).

Crafting Your Client Experience

Lastly, I just want to say a couple more things about crafting your client experience as you set up Aisle Planner. If you’ve read this far, you already know that the client experience is at the heart of your wedding planning business. With Aisle Planner, you can create a smooth and impressive experience for your clients by setting up projects and releasing phases to them strategically.

Here’s what I mean:

  1. Project Setup: When you set up a new project, invite your clients to their personalized planning portal. This portal will be their go-to place for all wedding planning details. I always love when my clients create a video or pdf to help guide their clients through their new planning software to reduce any overwhelm too!
  2. Phased Releases: Next, depending on your process, it might make sense to release planning phases to your clients in stages. Again, this helps prevent overwhelm and ensures that they stay engaged and excited throughout the planning process. For example, you might release the venue selection phase first, followed by the catering and decor phases. If you release everything at once, most clients will gravitate toward what excites them the most (which might not always be what you need from them first!).

My hope is that by following these steps, you’ll not only streamline your workflow, but also deliver a high-end, branded experience that will leave your clients raving about your services. Doesn’t that sound good?

wedding planner VA Sophie Robinson

Wrapping Up: How to Set Up Aisle Planner

Learning how to set up Aisle Planner can TRANSFORM your wedding planning business . With its features tailored specifically for wedding planners, you’ll find that it enhances your productivity and elevates your client experience (trust me!). Whether it’s the seamless RSVP management, customizable checklists, or branded documents, Aisle Planner offers everything you need to impress your clients and manage weddings effortlessly!

So why wait? Remember, if the setup feels daunting or you just want to ensure everything is perfect, you can always reach out to a professional (like me!) for assistance. I would LOVE to be considered! Sometimes, it’s worth it to hire an expert to handle the setup so you can focus on creating unforgettable weddings. I am just a message away! Or, you can come hang out on Instagram to get a feel for what I am all about before reaching out!

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I'm Sophie Robinson— I’m a wedding pro VA, wife, dog mom, and table-side-guac enthusiast! Ready to ditch the overwhelm?

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