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I totally get it, you’re working crazy long days to keep up with wedding inquiries and make sure all of your couples’ questions are answered. You just want to make sure your couples feel taken care of without feeling so overwhelmed by the never-ending admin tasks behind-the-scenes.

Say hello to your go-to gal!

I'm always ready to tackle your ever growing to-do lists and inbox!

Maybe you’re staying up late answering emails at all hours of the day and now it’s time to finally take a day off or enjoy a date-night unplugged. Together we’ll make sure your couples are taken care of without sacrificing your free time with friends and family.

Your job is to do what you love most - what made you start your wedding business in the first place, and my job is to take the tasks you dread off of your plate.

Imagine if you had the time and mental clarity to focus on connecting with your dream clients on sales calls and design consults. Or to finally build that next big launch. Or to ACTUALLY take a vacation where you aren’t constantly checking emails.

The time is now, girl!

Who is this for?


 Photographers, Videographers, Wedding Planners, Florists, Wedding Venues, Hair & Makeup Artists, DJs, and more!


Are you ready for this transformation?

You’re overwhelmed by your never-ending new inquiries and overflowing inbox.

You want to launch that next revenue stream but just can’t seem to find the time between client followup and working endless wedding weekends.

You started your wedding business because you LOVE loving your couples, but now it seems more stressful and overwhelming, with no slow season in sight.

You’re booking new clients constantly without needing to manually follow up or staying glued to your inbox.

You don’t have to worry about client communication or emails left unread, instead you can spend your extra time planning that big launch!

You finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of, knowing that inquiries, emails, and your to-do list is all being handled while you’re unplugged with a glass of champagne in hand.

Love & Kudos

Sophie is very patient and kind! she's very educated in the system and I appreciate how she keeps up to date with the new things to show her clients. sophie is a rockstar of a business owner and first time mother!

—  Casey, casey & co. events

sophie is SO thorough and delightful to interact with!

—  Ali Denniston, Eventlightenment

I can't thank you enough for your help in getting Aisle Planner up and running for me! It's been an absolute game changer for my client experience!

—  Gabby Romanello,
copper river + co.

Sophie is such a pleasure to work with! She captured behind the scenes at my shoots, assisted clients and made it an overall great experience.

— Christina jones, Christina Jones Photography

Sophie is a GAME CHANGER - i finally have someone to cheer me on and help me grow! I had been running my business for over 15 years by myself. Since bringing Sophie on has allowed me to accomplish goals I’ve dreamed about for years but never had the time or stress levels to take on. 


Your success roadmap:

step one

Are We a Match?

After filling out your inquiry form and a quick questionnaire to get to know your wedding biz, we’ll hop on a call to see if we’re a right fit! Not as scary as a first date, I’ll get to know your goals for outsourcing and talk through ideas for how I may be able to jump in and help. Most importantly, my clients should feel like friends from the start!

step two

You said Yes!

It’s a match made in heaven! You say yes, paperwork is signed, invoice is paid - let’s do this. We’ll kick-off our time together with a detailed onboarding call, making sure I have access to all of your systems and we have a clear gameplan for our first month together. I’ll spend this first month studying your business, your brand voice, and how you care for your couples in your unique way so that I can become a seamless member of your team.

step three

Dream Team

Once I have a grasp on your systems, processes, brand voice, and unique how-to, I’ll jump right in and start knocking those tasks off your to-do list! Get ready for free time back in your schedule, or to finally jump into that next big launch you’ve been meaning to put into motion!

CRM Build Out

Say goodbye to the never-ending system catchup or second-guessing whether you responded to that newest inquiry. I’ll spend time in your CRM to make sure potential and current clients are taken care of and that their onboarding experience turns them into raving fans months before the wedding day! You’ll walk away with a system that works FOR you and saves you time with newly programmed automations, email templates, booking proposals, and checklists ready to customize. Your couples will feel like top-priority and you’ll be able to focus on providing the service you love most.

Custom quotes available for DIY, Partial Build, or Full Build
Starting at $750, the Average Full Setup is $1,297


Honeybook or Aisle Planner Expert

Business + Systems Strategy Call 

Email + Proposal Template Creation

Multi-step Workflow Creation

Tutorial Video Recordings upon Completion

60 days of follow up support

get in touch

CEO Right-Hand Gal

Want a right-hand gal that can just help with All. The. Things?! This package provides ongoing monthly support to keep you on track and out of overwhelm. You’ll get consistent, dedicated support to tackle your never ending to-do list. Hand off the management of your inbox, CRM systems, day to day operations, or even drafting wedding timelines, and focus on connecting with your clients the way you’ve always dreamed. Gearing up for a new launch or wanting to switch CRM systems? Looking for an ear to help talk through strategy and timing of all those next-level ideas swirling in your brain? I’m in it with you!


Starting at $1,200+/month, Minimum 3 Month Retainer

choose a selection from these services:

Email Management

CRM Management

New Platform Research + Setup

Team Scheduling + Management

Vendor + Market Research

SOP Creation + Development


Not sure if you need a system full build? Feeling a little overwhelmed by Honeybook or Aisle Planner? This is for you! You'll get to have a second set of eyes on your account as well as some actionable advice from a wedding systems expert! 


On-Site Assistance

Wish you could have someone shadow you on-site at a wedding or photoshoot? Need b-roll footage for reels or social media? Need extra hands or a last minute team-member as an extension of your planning team? I’d love to join you!

Custom Proposal, let’s get in touch!

is a wedding pro va right for you?

Questions & Answers

 I’m not sure if I have enough work to delegate to a VA. How will I know which tasks to hand over first?

 First, I want to say this is totally normal and often how all of my discovery calls start out! Download my outsource guide for help brainstorming, and try to start listing the tasks that you dread doing most. That’s usually a great place to start! All of my clients are different, but at the end of the day, your VA should complete the tasks that take you away from the tasks ONLY you can do in your business.

I’m in the middle of my busy season - how much time will it take to bring you onboard as my virtual assistant?

 It takes about a month or so to truly get up and running, which is why I have new clients sign a 3-month retainer - after one month, we’re just getting started! Just like onboarding any new position, it takes time for me to step in and get to know your brand voice, the processes already in place, and areas for improvement where I may be able to dive right in. While I learn new systems quickly, I ask that my new clients are available to answer questions via email or slack message within 2 business days during this initial onboarding so we make the best use of our time together.

With so many virtual assistants out there, what value do you bring to my wedding business?

 I didn’t choose the wedding industry because it seems fun, I chose to help wedding pros exclusively because I’ve walked in your shoes and know the balancing act it takes to run a wedding business. Wedding Pros are amongst the hardest working people I know, and I find the most value in using my past event experience by providing services exclusively to those in this industry.

Do you work with businesses that aren’t in the event or wedding industry?

 Because my background is in weddings and events, I am passionate about helping wedding pros while drawing from my industry experience. I am better able to serve and offer advice while upleveling client experience because of this. If you are outside of the wedding/event industry however, I have many recommendations for other VAs + OBMs who may be an amazing match!

Can I just hire you for one month instead of signing up for a retainer?

I offer project assistance one-month packages for things like email cleanup or CRM setups, but if you’re looking for help on the backend of your business like responding to clients, sending invoices & contracts, or offering strategy for that next launch, these are better suited for a retainer project. Schedule a discovery call to see if your project is a good fit!

How do I know you'll be familiar with the systems i Use?

Great question! Below is a list of systems I use and am familiar with: 

  • HoneyBook
  • 17hats
  • Sprout Studio
  • Aisle Planner
  • Slack
  • ClickUp
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Flodesk
  • Planoly
  • Pinterest
  • Tailwind
  • Canva

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It's time to ditch the overwhelm...

and get you back to doing what you love.

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