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How to Prepare for Wedding Season (Fast!)

April 23, 2024

Are you looking at the calendar and wondering how April is almost over already? I know I am! As wedding season approaches (or has possibly even started for you!), I wanted to take a second and share a few ways that I recommend wedding pros prepare for wedding season fast. As a virtual assistant for wedding pros (and CRM set up specialist!), I’ve found that getting on top of a few key things can truly make or break a wedding season. That’s exactly what I want to dive into today! And remember, if you need extra help, you can always hire me to assist you!

Quick note, I’m an affiliate of some of the companies on this page, which means I receive a commission whenever someone makes a purchase using my code or link. This doesn’t cost you anything extra – it often will actually save you money! As an affiliate, I’m able to snag some sweet discounts. I wholeheartedly endorse these brands, and I only recommend products/services that I use in my real life and straight up LOVE. Enjoy!

wedding pro VA talks about how to prepare for wedding season

Dial in Your Processes ASAP

Before the whirlwind of wedding season hits, you need to take a step back and look for ways to streamline your operations quickly. If you don’t already have something in place, setting up Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be a game-changer (and in my experience, aren’t something you ever think you need until you need them!).

Not sure what this could look like? Examples of SOPs for a wedding planner might include a detailed checklist for client onboarding, a step-by-step guide for venue selection, protocols for managing vendor contracts, and procedures for handling last-minute changes or emergencies. In a perfect world, each SOP should provide clear instructions and standards, which helps to make sure that each event is executed flawlessly, regardless of who is handling the task.

Having clear procedures in place helps your team operate like a well-oiled machine which, trust me, is definitely something you’ll want to have in place before the craziness of wedding season hits!

Review Your Contracts

Tell me the truth: do you have a system for contracts? I’m going to dive deeper into systems in my next point but contracts are important enough to deserve their own section. Could you pull each of your contracts within 2 minutes right now? If you’re a wedding planner, do you have a way of keeping track of the contracts from the many, many, vendors that your couples have booked? Before wedding season starts, you’re going to want to take a second to triple-check that firstly, you know where everything is, and secondly, that everything is accurate. You don’t want to find surprises later down the line!

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Set Up Systems and Automations to HELP You

Next, it’s time to review your systems and automations. How are you delivering forms and other paperwork to your current (and prospective) customers? Are they up-to-date? If you’re not already using a streamlined system like Honeybook or Aisle Planner, consider integrating them into your workflow now. Before wedding season is also a great time to hire someone like me to set these tools up for you!

This way, you’ll be able to do things like send a proposal right after a discovery call with a new couple (even in the middle of a busy wedding week). Because the truth is, there WILL be clients who want to work with you in the middle of wedding season! And if you’re too busy to give them your attention, it’ll cost you!

I know that most of the wedding pros I work with don’t love the idea of something like email templates being automated, but the truth is that having something set up for you can save you from sending a rushed ChatGPT response when you’re super busy (or still working into the late hours and probably shouldn’t be writing emails). At the end of the day, being efficient and having a clearly organized back end of your business can set you apart in a competitive market, especially when you (and your colleagues!) are juggling multiple weddings.

Get Organized + Prepare for Wedding Season Emergencies

This is something that nobody likes to talk about as we all sit down and prepare for emergencies. Organization extends beyond your physical workspace and it needs to include preparing your team for any scenario (whether you have full-time employees or a team of go-to industry friends you call on when you need help).

Before you get into the thick of wedding planning, make sure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, and prepare backup plans for emergencies. If you suddenly couldn’t manage a day-of coordination, would your team be able to step in without missing a beat? I hope so!

When you prepare for wedding season (or any wedding for that matter!) organizing documents, contacts, and schedules in a central, accessible location is so important. I’ve mentioned this before, but using tools like Honeybook and Aisle Planner can centralize your information, making it easy for any team member to pick up where another left off.

Save Email Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

We touched on this briefly above but the longer you’re in business, the more you’ll find yourself answering the same frequently asked questions. In my opinion, one of the ways you should prepare for wedding season is to take some time and start compiling these inquiries into a FAQ section on your website or creating saved email responses. Then, when you’re in the weeds sitting down in front of another full inbox, you can answer questions thoughtfully and in detail (quickly!). It also reduces the repetitive nature of client communications, freeing up more time to focus on personalized service (a win-win!).

Wedding pro VA Sophie Robinson talks about how to prepare for wedding season

Prepare for Wedding Season

Sitting down to prepare for wedding season doesn’t start with the first bouquet order or table setting; it starts now. While these things likely aren’t the reason you became a wedding planner (I know systems aren’t the most exciting thing to most people!), they are SO incredibly valuable. Having solid systems in place gives you a readiness that allows you to handle the high demands of the season while continuing to grow your business and bring in new clients. 

Remember, a successful wedding season is as much about the magic you create as it is about the groundwork you lay down long before the celebrations begin. So, take these steps now and set yourself up for a season filled with joy, both for your clients and for yourself.

If these ideas spark your interest but the thought of managing them all seems overwhelming, consider this your personal invitation to reach out. Let me take care of the intricacies so you can concentrate on what you excel at—creating magical and unforgettable weddings. And hey – make sure to say hello on Instagram—I’d love to be friends!

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I'm Sophie Robinson— I’m a wedding pro VA, wife, dog mom, and table-side-guac enthusiast! Ready to ditch the overwhelm?

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how you might be treating your contractors like employees


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